Change is one of the most painful of human conditions but can also promise a rich reward for those willing to grow and learn through the journey.

In the personal coaching program, I tailor a package specifically for you based on your goals and desired outcomes. There are workbooks for your notes and thoughts to write to keep and tasks to complete.

I am an accredited coach experienced Counsellor and a country girl at heart. I am also trained as a Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for communicating with and helping you to change your unconscious thought patterns. I am practiced in Conscious Hypnosis Therapy to assist in the Management of Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Weight Loss, and Smoking addictions.

These techniques have their foundations in Psychology and Behaviour Modelling that are tried and proven therapies, as such the scientific trials have been well documented and validated in their Medical fields. 

Personally I have worked through many challenging life issues on the path to wholeness and healing taking courage to reach out for help in the midst of depression and suicidal thoughts from childhood. As I grew up I lived with physical, emotional, social, financial, mental and sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, loss of my baby, living in a destructive relationship and raising 3 more children. I married, divorced, moved and had my ex walk off with my other three children. I was found by Jesus and my life changed. I found love and acceptance, forgiveness and grace and the strength to ask for help and healing. I became a step mum to 4 more children when I married again and had to learn more skills to change again. I grew and learned about people and relationships, being involved​ in community organizations to give back to others.


Hopefully, you have been inspired to make the decision to reach out and ask for help.

The road to personal growth and healing can be hard but once the commitment and choice is made to change and we no longer accept the status quo, the future can be bright and nothing is impossible.

I would value the opportunity to walk with you a while and share some of the tools that are powerful for lasting change. Thank you for your time.

Rosalie A Fidge

InspireU Life Coaching

Murray Bridge South Australia 5253​

Mobile: 0448080193



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