Meet the Coach


Rosalie Fidge, Life Coach & Entrepreneur

A passion to help you live your life to the full without doubt, fear or uncertainty.

A country girl at heart who after years of depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss and pain has found the confidence courage and strength within to rise up and put to rest the doubts, fears and uncertainties that crippled and limited personal relationships as well as career aspirations and success.

Through coaching and taking responsibility for 100% of personal accountability and growth, made the quality choice to change the direction of her life by transforming thought patterns and behaviours, to become pro-active and the driver of destiny. Instead of reacting, going from crisis to crisis, became a responder choosing to be the winner. Successfully achieving positive creative mindset, freely enjoying career and personal relationships and demonstrating compassion with people, a giver and life -contributor with courage and determination. 


Qualified in Advanced Coaching, NLP and Conscious Hypnosis with 30 years experience in Christian Counselling and pastoral care to compliment a career of over 20 years in small business and corporate within large multi-disciplined organisations, teams and departments.

A mother of four, stepmother to four, godmother to one and Twenty one grandchildren, richly blessed.

Delighted to know you and walk alongside in this journey called life.


"Rosalie Fidge has been an inspiration to me while going through a traumatic life-changing situation. Her compassion and empathetic support have been gratefully received. While giving me the caring understanding I have needed to feel valued she has also opened my understanding to why things went the way they did and how I have grown through the painful situation as well as giving me skills to navigate going forward while all the time being immense support. I have no reservations recommending her services."

Glenys Lambe, Adelaide, SA