Breakthrough Day

New Beginnings

Fast Results - Freedom 4 tomorrow today

Learn how you view and experience your life, realize your ability to know what's driving you and what's important to you, and how to change your actions for different results. Get UnStuck, Drive your Results, Choose your Future & Design your Dreams the Celebrate your Uniqueness.

1 Day Session

Online or In Person


Believe in Yourself

Freedom Cruise Unlimited

The power of belief is phenomenal. Our minds will look to bring about your thoughts and beliefs to prove you true even if it is a limiting, poor or bad one.
Get a positive can do attitude, generate a good self image. Love and respect yourself and others. Believe in yourself and the power of one.

Sessions as required

Online or In Person


Conscious Hypnosis (Clinical)

Conscious Hypnosis, Positive Reinforcement & Relaxation 4 Ur Mind

Anxious, stressed, in pain, know what to do but don't do it? Want to lose weight, follow through with action aligned to reach your goal? Program your unconscious mind to support good habits and positive behaviors to work with you 95% of the time. Stop your self sabotaging, cease undermining your desires.

5 x 1 hour Sessions spread over 4 week period

Online or In Person



Mindset Survival

45 minute session

Online or In Person



Mental wellness is just as important as physical health and wellness. Common sense and mental health first aid go hand in hand with looking after yourself nowadays. It’s as easy as have the conversation and asks R U OK? Make time for yourself, you are a priority and the way you manage your life is most important to manage your mind will and emotions.

Harness your Brainpower

Rosalie A Fidge

InspireU Life Coaching

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